Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Global Relay hosted Email Archiving

Global Relay's Hosted Email Archiving & Messaging Services provide businesses with easy-to-use professionally-managed, email archiving, email continuity and email security solutions. NavigateStorage has been specializing in Email Archiving since 2001. First with Educomm (later to become ZANTAZ) and then to a leader in the hosted Email arena Global Relay.

The Message Archiver, Global Relay's core email archiving technology, seamlessly integrates with all email and instant messaging systems to deliver the fastest online search, retrieval and monitoring capabilities on the market today. Its enterprise-class, web-based email archiving tools address the demands of regulatory compliance, audit and eDiscovery, while alleviating the burden of data management, email archiving, storage, security and business continuity, including migration of historical data.

Built on a reputation of customer service, technical expertise and compliance excellence, Global Relay has delivered Hosted Email Archiving & Messaging Services for over ten years and has never lost a message, nor had a security breach. We help our customers stay organized, competitive, compliant and in control.

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