Thursday, June 17, 2010


NavigateStorage now offers iceWEB, a virtualized server infrastructure, with a wide range of flexibility and reliability advantages to environments of all sizes, but in order to make the most of the virtual infrastructure, you need shared storage. Features such as live migration of virtual machines require a shared storage pool, but the advantages of using shared storage in a virtual environment run much deeper.

Supporting a virtual server environment with shared storage:
* Simplifies management of the environment
* Provides the data availability required for a virtualized environment
* Enables efficient backup

Centralize storage and VM management tasks ARE EASY with the IceWEB Storage System 5000. The all-inclusive storage management feature set combined with IceWEB's VM Manager -- a unified management console for controlling all storage-related aspects of a virtualized infrastructure for VMware ESX, Citrix Xen, and Microsoft Hyper-V environments – is a perfect complement to your virtual server environment.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

IceWEB 5000 HR (Highly Redundant) to Begin Shipping Immediately

NavigateStorage, a 10 year reseller of storage and Ice WEB a provider of Unified Data Storage and building blocks for cloud storage networks, announced the newest member of the IceWEB Simply Advanced Family of Storage

Systems: The 5000 HR (Highly Redundant) Storage System.

The IceWEB 5000-HR adds new features and capabilities to the extensive list already provided by the high-performance 5000-HC and 5000-HP systems, including:
• High redundancy provided by clustered controllers and redundant, hot-swap components
• Scalability to 448 Terabytes (TB)
• Support for SATA, SAS and SSD drives
• Unified storage, managing both block and file data in one system
• Plug and Play for fast setup together with an intuitive interface that makes it simple to manage
your storage
• Complete data protection capabilities
• Ability to manage third-party storage from other vendors
• Storage services such as deduplication and WORM
VMware ready

Jim Addlesberger, President and CEO of NavigateStorage says the HR is a great addition to the existing arrays of HC - High Capacity (SATA) and HP - High Performance (SAS, SSD). Its ability to provide both block and file can mean a real savings to users.

Monday, June 14, 2010

NavigateStorage suggests iStor

We operate today in an extremely data-intensive environment and storage with needed features and VMware certified all at and economical price can be hard to find.

NavigateStorage has just the answer. This solid array can be configured to take advantage of 4 or 8 ports of GbE or the single port of 10GbE host interfaces. Although iS316 targets iSCSI SAN storage environments up to 16TB, customers can deploy multiple boxes per installation. The iS316 provides robust enterprise-level features & unique high-performance at an affordable price. iS316 is the entry level of the integraStor family based on solid, reputable, proven technology for an effective shared storage model. By utilizing Serial ATA disks, the iS316 enables compelling block-based network storage solutions such as primary storage, near line storage, disk-to-disk backup, and DAS replacement, along with high-capacity providing compelling total cost of ownership. Triple-redundant power supplies & fans for a highly reliable storage appliance.

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