Thursday, December 8, 2011

IceWEB 6500 High-Availability Cluster Storage Platform - Unified

IceWEB 6500 High-Availability Cluster Storage Platformage Platform.


With dual, multiprocessor controllers, redundant nodes,
shared storage and no single-point of failure,
the Model 6500 Cluster:

  • Protects against hardware and network failures; eliminates unplanned downtime for storage hardware and software upgrades; and minimizes change management time by automatically mirroring configuration changes. Data accuracy is ensured through checksum technology, RAID and replication policies.
  • Delivers performance: as each of its four, multi-core 2.93 Gigahertz processors has 12MB of cache and 96GB of memory expandable to 192GB. The Model 6500 Cluster also comes with four 200GB SSDs and its L2ARC and ZIL hybrid array technologies accelerate IOPS.
The Model 6500 Cluster utilizes storage volume sharing and its dual, multiprocessor storage controllers monitor each other for failures-with heartbeats, network monitoring and fencing. Neither controller is specifically designated to be the primary or secondary controller. Both can be actively managing shared storage, although any given volume is owned by one controller at any time.

The combination of dual multiprocessor controllers, clustering, CRC and the use of hybrid-storage pool SSD caching makes the Model 6500 Cluster for performance, I/O intensive applications and for high-availability mission-critical applications.
"We're seeing an exploding market for faster, larger, fail-safe unified storage platforms from customers with critical business data and challenging workloads," said Tim McNamee , IceWEB VP of Sales. "The Model 6500 Cluster is designed to handle these demanding workloads, with zero unplanned downtime and nearly unlimited scalability."

With prices starting at under $45,000, the Model 6500 is available.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

IceWEB Unified Solutions

iceWeb 3000, 5000 and 6000

High capacity unified storage for your data center or remote site.

Simplify the management of your environment with an all-inclusive storage system that lets you store both block and file data on one enterprise-class platform. The IceWEB Storage System 5000-HC supports multiple inter-connects and SATA drives, with the features and price point that make it a perfect fit for both data center and disaster recovery sites.

It’s Simple.

Setup wizards allow you to provision storage in as little as 15 minutes, and the intuitive interface simplifies the use of the sophisticated storage management capabilities.

The IceWEB Storage System 5000 stores all your data:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • SQL Server and Oracle databases
  • Virtualized environments
  • Scanned images
  • Files
  • Video
  • Pictures
  • Graphics
  • Voice

IceWEB is the simply advanced storage system providing high-performance, scalable, unified storage with all-inclusive management features such as volume provisioning, snapshots, de-duplication, data replication, and VMware integration. In other words, it solves your problems.

It’s Simple.

  • No need to choose between SAN or NAS – customers can have their cake and eat it too, at an affordable price point
  • Installs in minutes
  • Everything’s included – simple to sell, configure and quote

It’s Affordable.

  • Priced for the economic climate of today

iceWEB Now comes in six models.

The 5000-HC (High Capacity) scales from 8TB to 48TB using SATA/SAS drives. The 5000-HP (High performance) scales from 4.8TB to 19.2TB using SAS/SSD drives. And the 5000-HR (Highly Redundant) scales up tp 14 shelves of SSD/SAS/SATA. And the 3000-HC, 3000-HP and the 6000-HR.

Learn more about the IceWEB Storage System:

More about IceWEB efficiences

It’s Advanced.

You get complete data protection capabilities:

  • Hot-pluggable drives and power supplies
  • Built-in support for RAID-Z (RAID-5), RAID-Z2 (RAID-6), and RAID-Z3 (triple parity)
  • Complete 128-bit file system for NFS and CIFS
  • Automatic error correction to ensure data integrity
  • Integrated block-level data de-duplication
  • Unlimited snapshots simplifies development and optimizes backup
  • Thin provisioning optimizes utilization
  • Local or remote, real-time or scheduled replication
  • Capacity and utilization reporting

You also get heterogeneous storage pooling, allowing you to manage third-party storage from other vendors. Reclaim stranded storage by moving older or less functional disk underneath IceWEB to unify management. Plus, the IceWEB Storage System 5000-HC is VMware Ready, letting you centralize storage and VM management tasks.

It’s Affordable.

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