Saturday, March 6, 2010

Windows Management Sooftware

Windows Management Software:

Migrating Windows Data usually means IT works the weekend.

AutoVirt's Management software for Windows storage makes that a thing if the pastby allowing you to migrate while your users do their work.

AutoVirt is a software platform for Windows that provides storage management control from a web-based console. Use AutoVirt to automate and expedite:

* Data Measurement
* Copying
* Migration
* Replication
* Archiving

AutoVirt provides:

* A solution for managing unstructured Windows file data
* A way to extend the native functionality of inexpensive, commodity Windows hardware
* Integration with mainframe NAS devices, including NetApp and EMC Celerra
* Out-of-band runtime operations, with no client agents
* An intelligent client referral service with perpetual support for client UNC names and embedded links

Installing a global namespace.

Many organizations have hesitated to insert a global namespace because the conversion is often a laborious, manual process. Most global namespaces, including Microsoft DFS, require UNC names to be changed upon implementation, one at a time. The AutoVirt global namespace model is different. AutoVirt provides automated namespace creation and support of pre-existing UNC names. During installation, AutoVirt automatically inventories the file server environment to create a complete map. Administrators use this map to designate which file servers will receive client referrals through the global namespace. When a file server is selected for AutoVirt management, the map of its contents – from root to leaf-level folders – is automatically stored in the namespace. The automated file server inventory makes it possible for AutoVirt to support indefinitely the pre-existing UNC names – even after the file servers they once referenced have crumbled to dust.

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